AMD V Series V120 processor review

Written on:October 24, 2010
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Many different processor companies are competing in the market to produce the most powerful, reliable, and affordable hardware. The AMD Company has been with rivalry with the Intel Company for some time already and both are considered giants in the said industry. But one advantage of AMD’s processors is that they are mostly used in most notebooks sold in the market today. The V series V120 processor gained its popularity because it was integrated by a bestseller notebook available in Amazon, the Acer Aspire AS5251- 1805. The Toshiba Company and the Compaq Company are some of the companies that carry and attach AMD processors to their laptops for faster data transfers in their systems.

The AMD V120 processor uses a single core frequency capable of handling 2200 MHz. It has a built- in dual channel 533 MHz DDR3 SDRAM memory controller that makes data transfer faster and more reliable. The transporting of all these data passes through a communication line known as the North Bridge. This chip uses a HyperTransport link with a respectable 1600 MHz. In line with this, the computers performance with these types of processor is much better and faster.
The processor can even save battery life and power life for a much longer period of time because of the TDP or Thermal Design Power which requires and uses only 25 Watts. Making usage time of notebooks equipped with the said processor much longer if compared to other notebook brands in the market. This comparison is even applicable to higher and more expensive brands available in the market today. The advantage of AMD’s V120 processor is its affordability and efficiency in handling enough work loads, an energy saver, and is suitable of storing an average memory size and transfer with the memory controller. The disadvantage this processor has is that the horsepower is not enough for high quality programming or gaming and the absence of a L3 cache. The L3 cache is known to improve the computer’s performance.

In choosing the best processor for your system, proper choice mainly depends on the performance you are looking for in a notebook or computer. Performance depends on the workload you put into your computer equipment. If what you are looking for in a processor is affordability and has respectable performance, especially if you are not into heavy duty usage or not an avid gamer, this Processor is ideal for you and your processing needs.

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